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I prioritize looking positive over stats while leveling anyway

Near the end of every class' second planet storyline, everyone receives a shiny spaceship to travel the galaxy and do dogfights with reckless abandon buy swtor credits.Your spaceship, once you have acquired it, will probably be your primary technique of travel. It can take via planet to planet at faster-than-light speeds for any small credit cost (for fuel). That's right -- even Sith ought to chip looking for gas.

But interplanetary travel is but a small part of the items your ship are capable of doing. It's important to remember that your ship does count to be a rest area with regard to rested experience and companion conversations, and you could use your ship's cargo hold to stow anything you want to not take with them.

Once you have opted a side, you may still succumb to both forces on the Light and Dark Side. Alignment is dependant on a numbers scale from 0 to 100, which enables it to fluctuate based on how you exert your affect on your own character's story. Certain dialogue options and quests offers you either Light Side Points or Dark Side Points which will tilt your alignment to a single side in the moral pendulum.

Do not buy from your GTN! I have avoided the marketplace in every MMO I have ever played until maximum level. As I stated earlier, you need to have enough credits whilst you level for abilities, vehicle certifications, and professions. I prioritize looking positive over stats while leveling anyway, unless it’s a tremendous upgrade.

I might make use of the GTN if the piece of gear is 10-15 levels too low, but otherwise it’s a complete waste of your credits. You should get new gear with a steady pace while you level. Stims, adrenals, medpacs, etc, will drop from enemies and turn into given as quest rewards. I often forgot to utilize them, yet still did okay. Save these for mini boss fights during your class quests. These are not what you require to use while questing.

Do sell within the GTN! Any item that's not bound to you may be sold about the GTN. I vendor the Uncommon items, and selling the Rare, Artifact, and Custom products which I cannot use within the GTM. There is no reason never to try selling something around the GTN. If your item doesn’t sell about the GTN, you will get your credits back. If your item doesn’t sell after a couple of tries, it is possible to always vendor it.

Once you understand which side with the coin you wish to play, it's select the type of character someone to fit into your best alignments at here . Star Wars: The Old Republic classes (aka professionals) are nearly identical on both sides. 

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