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I might make use of the GTN if the piece of gear

In SWTOR, your companions won't that you more or less determined by whether or not you feed them; they'll as if you more or less determined by what you do. Each individual companion has specific factors he or she likes or dislikes. The first Sith Warrior companion, by way of example, appreciates sarcasm, self-aggrandizing behavior, and benevolence cheap swtor credits . Your first companion to be a Trooper likes civic duty, a businesslike demeanor, and confidence. As you make choices from the game along with your companion, his / her affection will rise or fall -- so when it raises high enough, you'll be able to unlock new quests specific to this companion.

Your companions can also be your responsibility regarding equipment. A companion who joins you at level 10 will likely be wearing level 10 gear, if you try to tote her out several dozen levels later, she won't sustain. Each companion includes a primary stat, exactly like player classes do, and certain quests will reward you with gear specific to some given companion. Companions may also equip normal player gear, with all the sole exception of relics.

Do not buy on the GTN! I have avoided the marketplace in every MMO I have ever played until maximum level. As I stated earlier, you need to have enough credits when you level for abilities, vehicle certifications, and professions. I prioritize looking great over stats while leveling anyway, unless it’s a tremendous upgrade. I might make use of the GTN if the piece of gear is 10-15 levels too low, but otherwise it’s a complete waste of your credits. You should get new gear for a steady pace because you level.  Stims, adrenals, medpacs, etc, will drop from enemies and also be given as quest rewards. I often forgot to work with them, but still did just great. Save these for mini boss fights during your class quests. These are not what exactly you need to use while questing.

Do sell within the GTN! Any item which is not bound to you are able to be sold for the GTN. I vendor the Uncommon items, then sell the Rare, Artifact, and Custom products which I cannot use around the GTM. There is no reason to never try selling something around the GTN. If your item doesn’t sell for the GTN, you will get your credits back. If your item doesn’t sell after 2 or 3 tries, you are able to always vendor it.

Once you understand which side on the coin you would like to play at this site, it's select which character one to fit into the preferred alignments. Star Wars: The Old Republic classes are nearly identical on both sides. They may have different names and slightly different powers, but overall these are the same. Here are some starting roles you may play.

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